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Inspection & Repair

Inspection, maintenance and repairs to all tank types - internal or external, full or dry — to ensure long life and efficient operation.

Water Quality

Worry-free compliance through water testing, stratification testing and tank mixing (24/7. 365 days a year).

Case Study

City of Opelousas - Total Dynamic Storage

Product: Aquastore®

This Aquastore Storage Tank combined with our Total Dynamic Storage package created the perfect solution for the City of Opelousas’ potable water and fire protection needs.

Initially, the plan was to create a 750K Gallon elevated storage tank. However, after a series of correspondence, including a Life Cycle Analysis of an Elevated Storage Tank vs. an Aquastore Tank, the solution became even more clear.

Not only does this Aquastore tank provide the performance that is required but it's also a landmark the city of Opelousas will enjoy for years to come.


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Industrial Water, Wastewater and Fire Protection

Landfill Leachate & Specialty

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