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Leachate Systems

Currently, Southeastern Tank, Inc. has 99 leachate storage tanks in service along with 33 secondary containment tanks in 59 landfills.  Why is this important?  Because not all leachate is created equally…

While composition and toxicity of leachate varies from landfill to landfill, one can never be too careful when storing such a volatile substance. If not properly supervised or contained, leachate can seep through the water table and into the groundwater – water that is used in 90 percent of rural homes throughout the United States. Protect your communities with Aquastore® leachate tanks, the reliable solution to store landfill leachate. Southeastern Tank, Inc. is known throughout the landfill community as the premier provider of leachate containment systems in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.

And this all due to the reliability and strength of Glass-Fused-To-Steel Aquastore® Tanks. 

Along with its proven durability, Aquastore® tanks require very low maintenance, are not affected by the unpredictable composition of leachate and never need repainting. Leachate will severely damage epoxy, concrete and powder coated tanks leading to costly maintenance and/or replacement. Aquastore® tanks have proven in the field for over 20 years to withstand damages caused by leachate storage.